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Most Small Business owners are doing their Marketing all wrong if they are doing any at all. Wasting their budgets on Marketing and Advertising designed for big companies with deep pockets. There is a better way.

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Mobile Marketing

The Future is Here.

Mobile Devices outpace PC Sales. Over 4.5 Billion People have Smart Phones. People look at their Smart Phones over 143 times a day.

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The Power of Design

Capture Eyeballs

If your Design does not capture first the audiences attention, then you won't get your chance to propose your value.

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Targeted Local Listings

Geo-Target Zip Codes

Reach 10,000+ Homes around your place of business.

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A One-Stop Shop For Exploding Your Small Business Marketing.

Is it not time that you stop playing around, cut through the crap that most people offer and learn innovative proven strategies that work for entrepreneurs and business owners just like you? Are you ready to go from dreaming to actually living your best lifestyle with a business that will pave the way for your families success for generations to come?


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Empowered Innovative Retail Solutions that drive traffic.

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Marketing Consulting

More Sales, don't necessarily mean more Profit. We'll help you Sell more and Profit more.

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Lead Generation

Whether online or offline, Lead generation and keeping your pipeline full is critical to Business Growth.

Our 360° approach to Success.

Are you ready to scale your business to something that is not only profitable, but it is also sustainable, so that it can run with or without you, while you are chasing your dreams and doing things you love? That's what we can help you do. The #1 biggest reason businesses fail is because their owners spend all their time doing the 'grunt' work instead of focusing on how to build their business.

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Small Business Consulting

The goal of experiential marketing is to form a memorable and emotional connection between the consumer and the brand so that it may generate customer loyalty and influence purchase decision. While traditional advertising (radio, print, television) verbally and visually communicates the brand and product benefits, experiential marketing tries to immerse the consumers within the product by engaging as many other human senses as possible. In this way, experiential marketing can encompass a variety of other marketing strategies from individual sampling to large-scale guerrilla marketing.

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Full Service Advertising

Each month we print and mail over 1,000,000 mail pieces for customers in Florida! We know what works and what doesn’t. Don’t risk your hard earned advertising dollars on another direct mail company! We publish and Mail Coupon Books as well as 9 X 12 Post Card CO-OP EDDM campaigns. Coupons are MONEY! Think your Business is too upscale for Coupons? Than call it a "Redeemable Offer", but offer your customers incentives for buying now. If it is good enough for Rolex, Versace, and Coach...we think it is safe for your business to create incentives for new purchases using this method.

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Corporate Events Management

Professional’s at the top of their game train everyday… and their paychecks reflect that. Are you ready to become a REAL pro? Sign up today!

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Social Media Strategy

Improve Cash Flow by reducing the cash needed to a pay for goods and services required in the normal operation of your business needs. Achieve much higher returns on value impaired assets and inventories when compared to cash liquidation pricing; usually receive 3-4 times cash market value; maintain margins and sell at full wholesale or book value. Great for: Media, Restaurants, Hotels, Wholesalers, Liquidators, Service Providers, Theme Parks and Entertainment and much more. Contact us today at 305-923-8075 - An Orlando Florida Organized Trade Exchange.

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Executive Career Management

If you want your printed product to stand out from the crowd, you need custom printing services. Skip the standard stuff! Custom printing allows you to design and print a product that breaks the mold. If you are new to the world of custom printing, we have knowledgeable, experienced customer services representatives who can walk you through the process. Let us know what you need today at 305-923-8075

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Retail Barter Trading

From Mobile Websites with responsive Designs. Microsoft Advertising, E-Commerce, Google Analytics, and even Mobile Apps; we can help you get your Digital Signature up and running. Our goal is to help you unravel the mystery of web design and SEO by talking in real simple term. What matters the most to you, like, “how can we help you generate more leads through your website?” and “how can we improve your rankings on Google”.

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Enterprise Training Workshops

Today's customers have many choices to engage with brands and find information relevant to them. Blog posts, direct mail, countless TV channels and endless websites at their disposal. The multi-channel trend has become so prevalent that average customers are easily able to switch between channels, both offline and online, in a matter of seconds. And businesses are expected to not only know their customers well, but also offer personalized interactions so that the customer experiences are seamless and consistent across channels. We can help you navigate through the maze of Marketing Options available today, so that you can get your piece of the pie.

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Printing and Promotional Items

Social media lead conversion rates are 18% higher than the average lead conversion rate. 45% of our clients have found a customer via Social Media in 2015. 27% of total U.S. internet time is spent on social networking sites. Social media produces almost double the marketing leads of trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail, or PPC. (Source: HubSpot) Approximately 46% of online users count on social media when making a purchase decision. Companies that generate more than 1,000 Facebook Likes also receive nearly 1,400 website visits a day.

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Full Web Development

Each day over 100 Million Americans watch online video, a 43% growth since 2010. 85% of Internet Users viewed some type of video content daily. In 2016, Internet Audio or Video accounted for 70% of all Internet Traffic. We can help you create and spread your message via Audio or Video.

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    Small Business Consulting

    Experiential Marketing

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    Full Service Advertising

    Sales Letters, Coupon Books, Post Cards

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    Corporate Events Management

    Product Samples, Interactive

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    Social Media Strategy

    Barter & Trade Exchange

  • project 5

    Executive Career Management

    Print Products and Graphics

  • project 6

    Retail Barter Trading

    Seo, Web Design, E-Commerce

  • project 7

    Enterprise Training Workshops

    Complete Company Systems

  • project 8

    Printing and Promotional Items

    Social Media Domination

  • project 9

    Full Web Development

    Video and Audio Production

Who We Are?

DoorBuster Direct Media., LLC. is a company that prides itself on learning, growing, nurturing, and staying one step ahead of the game. We have been influencing buyers decisions for over 30 years and our strategies center around on using technology to our advantage; while making people feel good about our client's products and services.

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Bob has done it all in his 30+ Media Career from Print, Radio and Television to Viral Social Media Campaigns. He is lead Strategist for the team and helps implement growth initiatives for our clients.



When you stop expecting people to be perfect, you can like them for who they are.

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Creative Team

Amazing minds creating Amazing work.

About Us

Our goal is simple, to implement consistent results-driven marketing methodologies daily to make sure your business thrives online and your clients and prospects can find you before they are even looking for you. Contact us today and see why smart business owners choose us over any other marketing agencies for Small Business.


  • Business Consulting

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Events Management

  • Lead Generation

  • Career Management

Want to be part of our Team?

Think you have what it takes to work at DBDM? Prove it! We are all part of one team, charged with finding the right solution for our clients. Do not live behind a title. Do not live behind a job description. Cross-Pollinate Ideas. Share insight. Be bold. Get uncomfortable. Lead the way. Find the answers. Out of many minds, we create one voice.

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What do our Clients Say?

In this Age of Social Media, nothing speaks better about our service than what our clients have to say about their experience.

"We've come to rely on DoorBuster's team not just for design, but also for all our marketing needs. Choosing the right marketing partners is critical to my Success. DBDM found out what I wanted, where I was lacking and closed the gap. Definitely recommend to anyone looking to grow their business."

client 1 Mark Frederick AP Roofing & Remodeling

"Until DBD came into my shop, I was wasting money on advertising that I thought was the right thing to do. They made me realize the type of advertising model I was using was totally wrong for my business. Now, I get results and I get better quality customers."

client 2 Ruksanna Sukram Golden Spas

"It is not only about the numbers, but also the efficiency of having well trained staff. Closing percentages on sales have gone from 30% to 45% and I look for that to be 60% in the coming months. Non- merchandise sales are up, follow ups are way better. There is no substitute for having top notch, well trained staff. I can not wait to see what the future of our company holds!"

client 3 Anan Gupta TechForce Wholesalers


"Thank You for your Business"

Client Roster

Business Solutions

We focus on the big picture and with our all-inclusive managed services, our clients have chosen us as their trusted advisor in many of their marketing and sales needs. We look forward to earning your business! Call Today 305-923-8075


  • Web Design
  • SEO
  • PPC / CPC
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Content Strategy


  • Sales
  • Follow-Up
  • Scripts
  • Team Building
  • Branding


  • Advertising
  • Content
  • Media Placement
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Viral Productions

We Offer Custom Plans for your Business. Contact Us For More Info.

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